What is Your Personality?

Many will be surprised that I am an Intelligent, Introvert according to this Personality Test!

Who I appear to be today, after working with people for 45 years in Sales Management and People Development is different from “the me” when I was younger. Very few people know what I was like in my teenage years and in my early twenties. I believe this test is more about who I was 45 years ago, and who I want to be in this last phase of my life. My Test revealed this about me and I am accepting it:

– I love reading books, learning new things, challenging myself and I love having a good one-one-one conversation with an inspiring and knowledgeable person.
– I am a thoughtful, reasonable, reliable and quiet? person! I seek balance in life and am content to be alone! I am a “Thinker!”

I find every Personality Test fascinating and a great way to begin conversations as we sincerely care enough to learn about other people. I think I have only just begun! FASCINATING!

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Jacki Blasko

Woman Extraordinaire

Jacki is a FUN-loving farm girl from Wisconsin who has also become a whimsical, whole-heartedly wonderful woman. She is a living love letter who will be sharing with us ways to make the people in our life [and the one in the mirror] feel great.

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