Christmas Time in NYC!

Christmas Time in NYC

I am a fan of SPARKLE, so making a trip to see New York city get dressed up for the holidays is worth stopping everything for.We make the rounds to the big stores, glance at the skaters at Rockefeller Center, smile as we view the giant tree being lit and then take in...
Ankle Boots – THE MVP for Fall!

Ankle Boots – THE MVP for Fall

WEAR THEM YEAR ROUND: For those of you who live in an area with warm climate year round, don’t be afraid to take on sundresses punctuated with ankle boots. This works best with natural-colored booties, because they’ll make your legs appear longer rather than cut them...
Alaska by Boat!

Alaska by Boat

I am convinced that the best way to see Alaska is by boat or plane, but did l mention that I am not seaworthy? Hence my reluctance to visit this natural wonderland.The bonus enticement of experiencing the on-board entertainment of Garrison Keillor, of A Prairie Home...

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