21 Day Challenge Overview

The 21 Day Challenge is a powerful way to launch an AGELESS diet and lifestyle. It includes a kit and support calls [and facebook community] It’s not just about weight loss. It’s about slowing down and reversing the things that cause you to AGE FASTER. It is the ultimate  inflammation-quenching, mood-sweetening, fat-burning, energy-stoking action plan.


  • STEP ONE:  Get with the person who sent you this recording.
  • STEP TWO: Order your kit [Ask about turning your purchases into cash.]
  • STEP THREE: Plug into the support system. [Click here for details]


Bonnie Church CNC CLC


“I bust ruts. A rut is an ever-deepening pit created from thinking the same stupid thoughts, saying the same stupid words and doing the same stupid things over and over again. Ruts ruin our relationships, destroy our health, consume our wealth, deflate our self-confidence and extinguish our joy.

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