Ten Super Forces – a revolution that will change the world

I recently attended a presentation given by Jay Walker, founder of Priceline.com, Chairman of Walker Digital, twice been named by TIME magazine as one of the “50 most influential business leaders in the digital age.” He described the Ten Super Forces that will revolutionize our world.

 Mr. Walker’s presentation hit a chord with me as he listed these super forces and their inevitable impact in every industry and area of life.  We can see the early adoption in each of these categories emerging before our very eyes.  These areas will pose significant areas for investment opportunity near and long term, depending on the investor’s tolerance for risk.

Ten Super Forces:

  1. Sensors.  New sensors change the business technology to serve customers in every industry.   For example, strawberry farms are employing sensors to optimize delivery of water to plants.
  2. Connectors.  Everything that isn’t connected now, is going to be connected.  Buildings and city infrastructure will have to become embedded with Internet connectivity for devices to seamlessly and continuously work.
  3. Software revolution.  We are in the second inning of a nine inning game.  Big software came first.  We are about to go into hyper-drive with Machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data.  Software is about to become self-learning.
  4. Feedback.  Provides information back to original user of the information.  Feedback allows you to learn and listen to customers.  Price is a feedback loop, for example. This is what consumers use to moderate consumption.
  5. Synthetic Biology.   Engineers are now performing biology which will change the “software” of all living things.  With this super force, food will be completely re-engineered.
  6. Second Industrial Revolution is upon us.  3-D printing leads to a “factory” on a desktop. The first Industrial Revolution changed industrial processes and provided needed scale for the masses.  We no longer need scale.  Animal industrial agriculture will be gone.  3-D printing of food, medications, and even body parts is inevitable.
  7. Nanotechnology.  Engineering at the atomic scale transforms Material Science.  Enter the Nano Age where we will make things nature could never do and create things nature could never make.
  8. Robotics.   Big and small robots will affect farming to factories to personal care.  They will be mobile and smart.
  9. Ultra Urbanization. 70 percent of the world population will live in cities by 2050.  Technology is coming to do things in large scale in small spaces.  There will be an enormous disease pandemic threat problem.
  10. ** Emergence of the Global Middle Class.   The rest of world is catching up and wants everything that we have.  People want the same things everywhere.  As billions enter the middle class extraordinary fortunes will be made by those positioned to give them what they want.   500 million will enter middle class in China alone.

If you seek additional information, please feel free to comment here or ask the person who directed you to this blog post how to position yourself to take advantage of these emerging opportunities.

Rebecca Carfi

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