A Simple Plan for Changing your Diet!

How can I possibly change my diet?

How many times have you wanted (and needed) to make certain changes in your diet but think there is no way you can give up “that food”?

So, what do you do now??

First, ask yourself why you need to make these changes.
What do these changes look like on a daily basis?
Then, imagine how you will feel or what results you will get from making the change.
Aren’t you worth it?

Think back to how you ate as a child. 
How much has your nutrition changed?
Is it for the better or for the worse?
So many times, we eat certain foods for reasons other than their nutritional value…emotional attachment, stress, social settings, etc.

Now, think about your story and how it relates to food….
Are you the one that will eat anything and everything?
Or are you so picky you don’t know what to eat?
How has this affected your health throughout your life?

Now is the time to let go of your story and make that change. 
– List all the foods that you have eaten in the past 2 weeks—yes all of them, but you only have to list the food once even if you eat it daily.  Try to be as specific as possible, even if you can’t remember everything.
– Next, go through your list and pull out 3-5 of the worst things on there that you know you should eliminate or at least reduce significantly. You don’t have to eliminate all your favorites, but pick several that you know will make a difference.
– Avoid those foods for at least 2-3 weeks and crowd them out with healthier options. Once you realize you don’t need them in your diet, you won’t even miss them!

Give it a try!

Ready, set, go…

You just took the first step to becoming healthier.

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