The products we refer to in our blogs must meet [to the best of our knowledge] the following criterion:

– The product manufacturers will adhere to the highest manufacturing standards.
– The products will be offered at the potency indicated on the bottle.
– They will be free from harmful contaminants.
– They will be worth the price.
– They will do what they claim to do when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

DISCLAIMER: We merely offer our 3rd party opinion on the products mentioned on this site, and accept no responsibility for damages or disappointment in the products. It is important for the consumer to read labels and check with their health professional before adding supplements to their diet and lifestyle protocols.

Yes, we have distribution rights to many of the products endorsed here. Why wouldn’t we? They are [in our opinion] awesome or they would not be included on the site.

If you are interested in distribution rights, please get with the person who invited you to take a look.


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