Powerful TLS 21 Day Challenge Testimony

In 21 Days, Lee Ann working with Coach Jodi, shaved 5 Inches off her waist and lost 18 lbs. Previously her blood sugar average 200-225 with medication. Now without medication it averages 97. She has also been able to discontinue 2 other medications. Her energy level is high. Her mental focus sharpened. Best of all, she does not want to go back. The TLS eating plan leaves her completely satisfied. She is NEVER hungry. She said it is “No problem to sustain this for life.” Even better, Lee Ann is now coaching her clients!

Click here for an Archive of the coach session – http://bit.ly/2lVx5jY
To learn more about the TLS 21 Day Challenge, watch this: http://bit.ly/2lY7SCj


Bonnie Church CNC CLC


“I bust ruts. A rut is an ever-deepening pit created from thinking the same stupid thoughts, saying the same stupid words and doing the same stupid things over and over again. Ruts ruin our relationships, destroy our health, consume our wealth, deflate our self-confidence and extinguish our joy.

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