Let your Posture Change your Day

How many times did your Mom tell you to stand up straight or hold your shoulders back??  Too many to count!  So, are your ready to feel more confident and have more motivation, lower your stress, and just breathe easier…then stand up straight.

Does it sound too easy?  That’s because it is easy, and it won’t cost you a dime.

What does good posture look like?  Stand or sit up straight, tucking in your belly, and holding your shoulders back with your head held high!  Feel like a Super Power already, right?

Good posture may even boost your energy.  Everyone slumps at some point during the day and tends to reach for caffeine or sugar to “fix it”.  However, according to research in the journal Biofeedback, standing or sitting up straight can improve your energy and any poor emotions that accompany poor posture.

Lift your confidence.  Research shows that when you have proper posture, you tend to have more self-confidence and belief in yourself.

Increase your productivity.  Do you catch yourself staring at the computer, feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing?  Proper posture allows your whole body to expand and actually signals your brain that you’re in “power stance”, which then increases testosterone and ultimately productivity.

Optimize your breathing.  When you slump, you inhibit your airflow and bloodflow, but sit up straight and you can increase your airflow by approximately 30%, according to Real Simple magazine.  Good posture opens your chest cavity and allows more oxygen to your muscles and your brain.  Also, better breathing is your body’s natural way to relax.  Try it…sit up straight and take 3 deep breaths, and your heart rate is already decreasing.

Remind yourself throughout the day to take a few seconds and do a posture check and assume your POWER STANCE!!

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