Lee Anns Weight Loss 2 Month Update

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Just left my Doctors Appointment a few minutes ago. Had my blood work repeated last week- this has been the thing I’ve really been WAITING to find out. Since January, I’ve lost 27  pounds and that’s awesome but what REALLY mattered to me was getting HEALTHY!!

My Doctor said she NEVER sees RESULTS this dramatic in such a short time! (Really in just TWO MONTHS) I am so thankful I found my way to TLSslim.com when I did!!
Still can’t believe how much great food I get to eat while still losing weight- still no cravings and deeply contended with my options!!
My Dr said I was pretty much imminently headed for either heart attack or stroke as of December- but now I am PERFECTLY HEALTHY!!! Music to my ears!!!

Here’s my results [all within the realm of ideal]

A1C. BEFORE 9.0. AFTER 6.4.
Cholesterol BEFORE 255  AFTER 174.
Triglyceride BEFORE 368 AFTER 134.
HDL. BEFORE 39  AFTER 48. – That’s Good cholesterol so higher is better!
Cholesterol/HDL ratio: BEFORE  6.5 AFTER 3.6

Super HAPPY, proud and GRATEFUL!!!

So PRESS ON warriors!! There’s rewards for your efforts!!!


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