Handkerchief Hems and so much more

catalogue I was just introduced to this great site on shop.com, Soft Surroundings, absolutely LOVE this site! They have so many great looks and I found two of my favorites, the handkerchief hem for skirts and dresses and asymmetrical styles! These two looks are great on anyone of any age! For the mature woman, it makes us look and feel stylist, hip and funky!

I just ordered a denim handkerchief hem skirt and it was on sale for $24.99! Plus, I earned 2% cashback!!!! I have been looking for a great denim skirt, couldn’t find one anywhere until Soft Surroundings and it had the handkerchief hem, I am so EXCITED to receive it!

They not only have clothes, they have accessories and furniture. That scratches my Interior Designer itch.

Great store!  Ask beddinghomethe person who directed you to this site about shop.com. They offer cashback and more discounts then just going through the online store.


Wendy Moquin

The Fashionista

Fashion trends change every season, and it is a challenge to stay on top of them. The fact is, looking good is not just about following trends. Fashion is a very personal matter.

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