Give HOPE!  Speak Life!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s a crazy world out there. The general election has too many up in arms and downright angry.  People are stressed out.  Aggressive.  Hostile.  Lots of abusive things are being said and done among family members, neighbors, and communities.  Across our country, people in authority have lost our trust; our politicians their credibility; corporations are seen as robber barons.

If we let it, the situation could get the best of us.  That said, it’s a perfect time to take stock of the real issue.  The need to rethink our approach to our lives, our businesses, and to each other.  I sincerely believe that  “Tomorrow’s future is built upon the foundation of today’s faith”.My faith has also led me to believe that I will attract people who are ready to move, take action and do what it takes to create a better life.  Together we can create positive change in the world!

It all begins with HOPE…


This means speaking life and building people up rather than tearing them down.

Rather than looking at the world through the disturbing lens of our news and social media outlets, we need to be honest with ourselves and ask, “Who am I allowing to influence me?”  Our ability to create a better life and outlook, could be as simple as asking the question: “Who am I associating with on a regular basis?” Let’s be honest.  If we run with the wrong crowd, it’s easy to be judgmental, to feel taken advantage of, to feel we’re under appreciated and mistreated.  To feel we’re “less” than.  We can’t be naive.  We can’t leave how our lives turn out to chance.  We need to take a stand and hold ourselves and others accountable. It’s a personal leadership message who’s time has come.  And, if not now, when?

There’s a great leadership book called, ‘The Ideal Team Player’ by Patrick Lencioni. In it, he is cracking the code on the three essential “virtues” which must be cultivated in order for us to create better families, better teams, better communities. The book fully puts responsibility for a happy, more productive, and civil environment, firmly on our individual shoulders.  After reading the book I am seeking these questions:

  • Are we honoring other people every day?
  • Are we being respectful?
  • Do we have an attitude of gratitude?
  • Are we coming together with a sense of purpose?
  • Are our interactions meaningful?
  • Are we speaking life and giving hope to others?

The biggest take away from the book is the cultivation of Three Essential Virtues:

Are we Humble?  In business, “Humble people are the greatest and most indispensable attribute to being a team player. They share credit, emphasize team over self.” Humble people put other people first.

Are we Hungry?  “Hungry people almost never have to be pushed by a manager to work harder because they are self-motivated and diligent”.

Are we Smart? Smart simply refers to a person’s common sense about people.   Being “smart” has everything to do with how well we can “read” people.

Are we committed to making teamwork a reality in our families and work?  Being aware of these simple virtues gives me hope in knowing I can develop the skills to identify more of these people who will influence and build me up. Collectively, with my family and other people we can make teamwork a cultural reality at home and at work. On a case-by-case situation, it’s nice to find people who are Humble, Hungry and/or Smart.  Women with warrior spirits ready to make someone’s day.  Men who possess a keen sense of contribution.  Together, we can seek solutions, one person helping one person at a time.  But … to create ideal circumstances where more people can win … we need to cultivate the virtues of Hunger, Humility and Smarts in ourselves.  Once we do this, we become an indispensable asset to those around us.  In doing so, we’ve got a chance to create long term effective change.

There are people who are naturally melancholy.  They see the world as half-empty.  Humorless.  There are people who think every problem is a nail and the bigger the problem the bigger the hammer.  Many world leaders come to mind.  There are people who are drawn to power and authority, and they can be abusive with those powers.  There are those who can never see the bright side of anything.  Just being around them is a real downer.  Then there are people who are simply rebels.  People who like to stir the pot, turn things over, dig things up, just to see how much drama they can create.  Many of us have people like that in our immediate families.  These aren’t the people we should willingly choose to have in our lives.

Who’s your tribe?  Are they helping you learn to speak life and give hope?  If not, perhaps it is time to shake things up and take responsibility by doing it yourself!

Stay Humble.  Be Hungry.  Be Smart.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly all “the right people” will be magnetized to a person who Speaks Life and Gives Hope.

Living with the BEEP! Belief, Enthusiasm, Effort and Persistence!

cynthiaJacki  Blasko partnered with Cindy Samuelson in writing this encouragement. Cindy has been married for 33 years and a grandmother for 13 of those years.  She recognized that working full-time would effect the amount of time doing what she loved best.  She started working as a home based business owner in 1983.  Armed with belief, and lots of elbow grease, her efforts turned into a multi-million dollar income.



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