Dick Van Dyke Shares Ageless Secrets

Dick Van Dyke is turning 90. The legendary actor penned a new book “Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths about Aging”. He recently shared his advice in an interview on NPR.. From living in the present and not fearing death [once you’re dead your worries are over]  to never being too old for love [referring to his wife who is 46 years his junior]  Dick Van Dyke share all his tips.


Bonnie Church CNC CLC

The Well-being Strategist

“I bust ruts. A rut is an ever-deepening pit created from thinking the same stupid thoughts, saying the same stupid words and doing the same stupid things over and over again. Ruts ruin our relationships, destroy our health, consume our wealth, deflate our self-confidence and extinguish our joy.

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