De-Mystifying Skin Care and Makeup

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A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to have a makeup session with her and her daughter who had just graduated from college and was now about to embark on her fabulous career. The main purpose was to de-mystify and clear the fog around skin care and makeup application—what goes where when and why. True, there are volumes written on this very subject but even that sometimes is still confusing. When you think about the fact that up to 15 or more products a day can be applied to one face, you can see that order and sequence become important, e.g. does the sunscreen go on before or after the moisturizer, what about primer, concealer, etc. From the makeup mavens to the soap and water gals, these questions still prevail. I asked them to make a list of the things they always wanted to know but never had anyone to ask. Not implying that I know everything about the subject, however, I do have great resources and can usually find an answer. We began our session with them bringing out all the stuff they are currently using. My task here is to assess what they are using, determine effectiveness, give them my professional opinion and customize a regimen based on their needs.

We began with proper skin care and that is what I want to share with you. Proper skin care is really from the inside and is for everyone with skin—men and women alike. Your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, etc. play a big part in creating the canvas for your work of art. To combat the daily assault against your skin, you will need to have a few basic weapons in your arsenal—cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. These are basic “must haves” for anyone serious about having good skin. If you’re the one who says, “Oh, I don’t use anything, I just wash my face with soap in the shower.” Ouch! In order to avoid the look you will probably have on your face as the years roll by, I am outlining a few simple steps to making that future face a beautiful and happy face.

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate: Cleanse morning and night (I recommend cleansing twice at night to really remove makeup and debris from the day)
Exfoliate (removal of dead cells) Frequency and type of exfoliant is based on skin condition.

2. Tone and Normalize: Always follows cleansing and is an important but neglected step. Toning removes any residual amounts still on the skin. Normalizing and returning the skin to its natural PH level is very important. Remember you have just removed your skins natural acid mantle and now it is out of balance so when you apply your next product, it will not properly absorb into the skin.

3..Treat and Nourish: Your treatment serums and creams are applied. Liquids go on before creams and since you’ve already toned, normalize and returned your skin to its PH level, your treatment products can be absorbed.

4. Moisturize and Protect: Moisturizers can be heavy, medium or light. Choose the type based on your skins need. A good moisturizer helps your skin maintain it’s natural hydration barrier.
Protect your skin with a full spectrum stand along sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF.

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