Beauty blogs for women of that Age

Get beautiful! Here is a list of links to the top blogs to help you.
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Prime Beauty

talks to the 40+ woman who’s looking for skincare tips and products and a bit of makeup fun! They even have a Frugal Friday series for those who love a great drugstore makeup product. That’s always a plus for me because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great!

Fab Over Over Fifty has a bit of everything

— this isn’t only a beauty blog, although I love the beauty section. From lifestyle to beauty, you can find articles, discussions, and tips! The best part about this blog is that you can read reviews from the readers who’ve tried the products. Just look for the text that says “Tested” to see what women are saying about these products.

Natural Beauty and Skincare is exactly what it says

— solutions for healthy skin the natural way. This site provides in-depth reviews and the latest information about products and beauty topics. Want to know how you can slow down the aging process? Want to age in style? This blog will show you how!

After 40 has you covered!

This blog’s emphasis on wellness in conjunction with beauty has tips to help your eyes look refreshed and which foods are best for your skin. This blog focuses on beauty inside and out with lots of beauty tips that can be easily done at home.

Fab Over 40

This blog offers women insights into maintaining their beauty without feeling like they need to run out and get surgery. The site offers tons of step -by-step beauty tips, hair style how-tos, reviews and giveaways. I love the tips from professional makeup artists and designers like Aerin Lauder (Founder and Creative Director, AERIN; Style and Image Director, Estee Lauder)

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