Be You!

Love this woman.  “Rodin oozes what used to be called good taste, but is more often described now as Having An Eye. She can walk into a scrappy flea market, which she does most weekends, and find the item – be it cardigan or couch – that looks a million dollars. She is far happier bartering on 26th and Broadway (home of one of New York’s last great vintage lot) than she is in a chi-chic boutique. “Who pays those prices?” she asks of designer collections.” The Telegraph

On the Street Linda Rodin: Photo credit #adifferentkindofart.
On the Bed Linda Rodin: Photo credit @arisethcohen
My favorite Antiaging health system.












Bonnie Church CNC CLC

The Well-being Strategist

“I bust ruts. A rut is an ever-deepening pit created from thinking the same stupid thoughts, saying the same stupid words and doing the same stupid things over and over again. Ruts ruin our relationships, destroy our health, consume our wealth, deflate our self-confidence and extinguish our joy.

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