Ankle Boots – THE MVP for Fall

WEAR THEM Yankle-bootsEAR ROUND: For those of you who live in an area with warm climate year round, don’t be afraid to take on sundresses punctuated with ankle boots. This works best with natural-colored booties, because they’ll make your legs appear longer rather than cut them off visually.

DON’T WEAR ANKLE SOCKS:  If you live in cooler climates and need to keep your feet warm, be sure to opt for socks that only cup the top of your toes and the back of the heel, so they do not show at the top of the bootie! Don’t fight us on this one.

ROCK THEM WITH CULOTTES or CROPPED JEANS:  A pair of heeled ankle boots that hits right at the hem of your culottes or cropped jeans is this season’s freshest silhouette. (Look for pointed-toe boots to elongate your legs even more.) Once the weather is cooler, opt for wool culottes that cover the tops of your shoes for a bit more coverage from the elements.

Wendy Moquin

The Fashionista

Fashion trends change every season, and it is a challenge to stay on top of them. The fact is, looking good is not just about following trends. Fashion is a very personal matter.

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