Alaska by Boat

totemBy Julie Warner

I am convinced that the best way to see Alaska is by boat or plane, but did l mention that I am not seaworthy? Hence my reluctance to visit this natural wonderland.The bonus enticement of experiencing the on-board entertainment of Garrison Keillor, of A Prairie Home Companion fame, finally tipped the scales for me and got me on the boat.

Fortunately, there was plenty of time off the boat to be fascinated by Alaskan beauty. I knew I would love dog sledding and I was equally excited about viewing glaciers by helicopter as well as from the boat.   What l didn’t expect was totem poles!   The tradition, culture and history of each totem fascinated me.   Some told stories, others gave warnings, pronounced blessings or announced the inhabitants of a home.   I am now adding “make a totem pole” to my to-do list.

The entertainment on ship by Garrison Keillor and performance troupe was a trip in itself. He will be hosting another cruise in June 2017 to the Fjords of Norway.

Get on the boat if you can!

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