My Ageless Cici

Agelessness is a mindset….

It is knowing you can change your opinions,
your hairstyle and your habits
over and over again and still be you.

It is about embracing those days
when you feel unspeakable joy…
and the days you don’t.

It is about savoring
the moments you walk in serenity…
and forgiving yourself
for those days you don’t.

It is about letting go of the ‘image’ …
and letting the ‘honest to goodness’ real person appear.

cici agelessI lost my dearest friend to a rare and horrible disease, called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Some would say it is a disease worse than ALS [Lou Gehrigs], but quite similar in its systematic erosion of all bodily functions.

Cici, was a beautiful woman born in the cold Northeast, but suited for her adopted city, Charleston. She was full of whimsy and wisdom. She was beautiful and charming. She was a woman who loved God, loved animals and loved her family.There is a Cici-shaped void in the hearts of all who knew her.

All Things Ageless is a happy place, and on a happy note – Cici lived authentically and beautifully right up to the end. What a class act. I will miss her always. Her encouragement to you would be to always stay young at heart, and to savor the simple beauty of each day.

See you later, my precious Cici.

Cici was a wonderful photographer. To see her work:


Bonnie Church CNC CLC


“I bust ruts. A rut is an ever-deepening pit created from thinking the same stupid thoughts, saying the same stupid words and doing the same stupid things over and over again. Ruts ruin our relationships, destroy our health, consume our wealth, deflate our self-confidence and extinguish our joy.

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