We are so glad you found us. We are just two great friends, so different.
Bonnies’ a bohemian type’ which is a classy word for old hippie, I guess.
Elizabeth loves bling and couture.You should see her walk-in closet.
But we have one thing in common.
We love matching people to the resources they need
to live healthy, wealthy and wise.

To help you find the ideas you need to design the life you want
we have housed some of the best ever online resources
for the ageless woman. [okay, okay, men can browse here too.]

Click here to get there. 

Savor and enjoy.

Bonnie Church, Editor [That me on the right.]
Bonnie’s passion is empowering others in their quest to live life abundantly. She is a member of the elite millionaire club of one of the top internet marketing companies in the world, Market America/Shop.com  She is life and wellness columnist and a contributing author on THE LAST LAUGH – a success guide featuring interviews with elite actors, athletes, and artists. [Wow, it was an exciting project.] Bonnie and her husband Michael live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. 

Elizabeth Weber, Editor [That’s me on the left. ]
Elizabeth is an entrepreneurial powerhouse. She is not only the top money earner for one of the fastest growing internet retailers in the world, Market America/Shop.co, but she also currently ranks in the top 100 income earners in her industry. She is a sought after speaker and beloved business mentor. Elizabeth and her husband, Rick share a life in a gorgeous lake front home in Lake Wiley, SC, when they are not jet-setting around the world.

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