The purpose of this website is to provide you with the inspiration, wisdom and tools you need to live as healthy as you can, as lovely as you can, as prosperous as you can… all the days of your life.

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Savor and enjoy.

Elizabeth Weber and Bonnie Church

Founders and Creative Directors


It is knowing you can change your opinions, your hairstyle and your habits
over and over again and still be you.

It is about embracing those days when you feel unspeakable joy…
and the days you don’t.

It is about savoring the moments you walk in serenity…
and forgiving yourself for those days you don’t.

It is about letting go of the ‘image’ …
and letting the ‘honest to goodness’ real person appear.

Many thanks to our ageless team who came along for the ride

  • Our Founding Team
  • Our logos and website designer: Sunny Morgan
  • Our photographer: Paul Sherar
  • Our production assistant: Michael Church
  • Our creative assistant: Rick Walliser
  • Our admin support: Patty Palumbo
  • Our graphics woman: Sarah White Rudisill
  • Our beauty team: Deb Gauthier and Kristina Markris
  • Our sounding boards: Jacki Blasko, Lisa Grant and Barbara Barkas

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