5 Key Nutritional Support Products

In an earlier blog I wrote I Miller-Ihli_0417-2x3x300posed the question “Are Supplements Necessary?” (CLICK HERE).  I followed up with another blog “Controversy on Multivitamins – What Experts Say” (CLICK HERE) which highlighted the importance of a quality multivitamin as a foundation for health.

This current blog builds on those earlier conversations and includes information on 5 key products I feel can significantly benefit your health and wellness.  This is a video blog and I hope you will enjoy getting the information in this format.  I chose it because it allows me to share data and information to provide the facts to support my recommendations.

Please join me to learn why nutrition is the foundation for health and why inflammation is such a problem in our society today. A regimen with 5 key products is discussed that can set you up for long term success and improved wellness including: heart health, a good metabolism, energy to carry you through your busy day, strong and healthy bones and more!

If you would like to learn more about these products please contact the person that referred you to this blog.

Nancy J. Miller-Ihli, PhD

The Nutrition Science Nerd. Join Dr. Nancy as she shares relevant insights related to nutrition based on her knowledge and scientific training as well as her experience helping people achieve their wellness goals.

Nancy Miller-Ihli Ph.D.

The Nutrition Science Nerd

Dr. Nancy has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and had the opportunity to serve as USDA’s National Program Leader for Nutrition for the US. She is a trace element expert and did research on nutrient absorption and bioavailability. She has more than 70 peer reviewed scientific publications and loves to read the scientific literature (like other people might enjoy reading magazines or a good book :-).

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