15 Beauty Hacks

If you are keeping up with what’s trending in makeup and beauty, you’ve probably come across the word “hack.” Now until recently that word was usually associated with a cutting blade of some sort, a computer, or a person who is a professional at doing some kind of service, but does crappy work. Necessity is the mother of invention and in the language of beauty, a hack demonstrates cleverness or ingenuity, solves a meaningful problem and is not a common or well-known solution to a problem. To help improve your makeup regiment and create new ways of using what we already have, I am sharing 15 of my favorite hacks with you.

1. Make you own makeup wipes – cut a roll of paper towels in half, place in a container. Soak in 4 cups of warm water and 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil (liquid)
2. Remove foundation on clothing – Spray on a dollop of shaving cream and work in prior to washing
3. Dried out mascara (if it’s in the 3-month rule) – simply add few drops of saline solution and voila!
4. Run out of liquid liner – you reach for your liner and it’s totally gone, not to worry, just swipe your eyeliner brush through your mascara wand and line-away
5. Best way to apply under eye concealer – instead of the traditional “U” shape pattern under the eye, try an inverted triangle (base under eye and point towards your cheek. This helps conceal darkness and creates the illusion of lift to the face
6. Lip stick staying power – apply lip pencil, lipstick, blot and then dust translucent powder onto lips through a tissue, reapply lipstick and repeat process. This allows the pigments to adhere to the lips
7. Quick smoky eye – this is so easy, make a slanted hash tag mark on the outer edge of your eyelid then smudge with a sponge. Lightly set with translucent powder
8. Add volume to your lashes – using a small fluffy eye brush, lightly dust lashes with translucent powder between first and second coats to plump up those lashes. Translucent powder has grip and will stick to your lashes between coatings with mascara and make them more voluminous
9. Brighten tired eyes – blend a little eye prime on lids and tap a pearly shadow in corners near eyes
10. Plump your lips – give the appearance of a fuller pout by applying lip color then pressing your thumb into a frosty eye shadow, puckering up and giving your lips a thumbs up by pressing in the center. The reflective light gives the illusion of fuller lips.
11. Extend your gloss factor – make your gloss last longer by applying lip pencil over the lips to give the gloss a base to cling to.
12. Make your own body bronzer – mix loose bronzer powder with your favorite lotion and smooth over arms, legs, decollete
13. Smell good longer – rub a little vaseline on your pulse points and then apply your favorite fragrance. Instead of being absorbed into your skin, the vaseline will hold the scent for a longer period of time
14. Quick dry nails – no quick dry on hand, prepare a bowl of water with ice cubes, air dry your nails for three minutes then dunk into cold water for another three minutes
15. Decrease that eye baggage – apply wet cold green tea bags to minimize puffiness and to tighten the area – 5-6 minutes

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